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Our Leathers

What kind of leather does james stewart furniture use?

To ensure the highest quality James Stewart Furniture only uses the finest hand made pure aniline leathers.

OUR Aniline leathers

This is the most natural, “organic” type of leather. Also called Pure Aniline or Full Aniline, this leather does not have a protective coating. We select only top grain leather that has not been treated or processed to alter the natural grain, look. Aniline leather features the most luxuriously soft feel of all the leather types — but it is more susceptible to fading, staining or soiling.

This is a good type of leather for a customer who wants the soft, natural feel of leather and will appreciate and value the beauty of the leather’s unique natural markings and a patina developed through years of use.

How the leather is madE

Recognising quality, luxury and beauty in leather is only partially due to our visual experience. One of our strongest emotional triggers is our sense of touch, which is why the softness and supple ‘hand’ (feel) registered in our sensory minds, lingers longest. We appreciate that our furniture is selected on the basis of style (look), tactility (touch) and those enduring qualities that evoke positive memory associations through smell and sense of comfort.

James Stewart Furniture is invested in awakening all these senses using the time-honoured, world-language of leather.

Our partnership with Leather Miracles gives us access to an exclusive group of the top 2 - 3% of hides found worldwide which are sourced and manufactured for our application. The tanning process developed by Leather Miracles, which extends for as long as 24-36 hours, has been fine-tuned over several decades to determine the optimum softness that each hide can achieve. This ensures that the timeless appeal and durable character of the leather also offers the sensory experience that comes from investment in the refinement of craft and intimate understanding of this alluring, natural material.

How to care for your leather

Because today’s leathers are softer and more ‘naked’ than leathers of previous generations, they do require some basic care. Removing the grit that slowly builds upon the surface goes a long way in ensuring the leather will age gracefully and retain its natural character. The best way to do this is by wiping the leather with a lightly dampened lint cloth or using a soft appliance vacuum.


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